Custom Machines

Over the past 17 years, Advanced Engineering Industries has developed an extensive variety of custom products and machines. We’ve completed practical engineering and quality machining on all of these projects, using the same commitment to high standards that we are known for throughout our business.We understand the challenges you face in turning a concept into a reality. From idea to fabrication, AEI is here to help you every step of the way. We’ll help make your vision a reality.
High Performance V-12 Racing Engine
Our customer asked for a large cubic inch V-12 racing engine for the offshore boat circuit. We worked with their engineers and mechanics to design, re-design, and/or manufacture hundreds of components on this exciting project.A custom engine block, oil pan, water pumps, oil pumps, intake manifold, gear case, bell housing, cooling system, engine stands…the list goes on and on. This engine easily produced 1000hp and over 1000 ft-lbs of torque on pump gas.
High Performance Marine Transmission
We developed this marine transmission from scratch for Mercury High Performance in Fon du lac, Wisconsin. The concept was to eliminate the compromise between acceleration and top speed on high performance marine vehicles. We developed a transmission that completed a “hole shot” like a dragster and applied it to the marine industry. A modified version of the transmission is being utilized on the “blackhawk” drive, which is a duo prop design.
Independent Compression Rotary Vane Engine
This Rotary Vane concept may be utilized in the future for military vehicles. Our customer desired a versatile, multi-fuel engine that would run near stoichiometric in a variety of environments. We designed and built a prototype engine which is currently being evaluated by a government laboratory.
Coil Spring Digitizer
Our customer requested a Coil Spring Digitizer that would measure and document the diameter, run-out, wire size, and end angle of a variety of coil springs for automobiles. AEI developed this unit that at the push of a button records a variety of information into an Excel spreadsheet for quality control. These units are utilized around the world by a variety of coil spring manufacturers.
High Volume Pumps
We have developed several high volume pumps including vane pumps, rotary pumps, and constant volume pumps. AEI gathered all of the criteria from its customer to produce some very special pumps for a variety of applications. Racing engines, sea pumps, motorcycles, NASCAR, even Cale Yarolborough used one of our impellers.
Stainless Steel High Volume Oil Pumps
These pumps were utilized to clean up the Exxon Valdez oil spill. We built a number of these pumps back in the 80’s, then completely redesigned and built a dozen of the pumps improving the fit and finish of the components.
Rotary Vane Pumps
Extreme precision was required to develop this low speed, high efficiency vane pump.
Film Grinder
Kodak required a film grinding machine that would shred film for recycling purposes. These monsters utilized razor sharp blades and shredded film at an unbelievable rate.
High Pressure Fuel Injector Tester
High pressure fuel injectors require quality testing after they are re-built. John Deere needed a test station that would test 3 injectors in 2 minutes. We developed this 3-injector test station that tests 3 injectors simultaneously at 20,000 PSI. Each station utilized a PLC to monitor the pressure drop in the injector over a specified amount of time.
Hydraulic Manifolds
We have designed and built hundreds of these units for a variety of applications. From parking lot sweepers to mining conveyor belts, these manifolds are custom built for a variety of applications.
Viscosity Pressure Testers “Green Things”
These simple but useful viscosity checking devices are utilized all over the world. Calibrated orifices combined with accurate pressure application produce a simple means for determining the viscosity of many viscous materials. These units are typically used for determining the viscosity of automotive adhesives.
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Portable Dynamometer
AEI has developed 2 types of engine dynamometers in the past. One was utilized for racing engines up to 2000hp and the other was for Class8 trucks for high altitude testing. Each unit was designed to utilize sophisticated electronics documenting with precision and accuracy.
CNC Machining
We machine parts for all types of custom applications. Our shop has machined so many different items it’s hard to get them all in.
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