ADVANCED ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES is a complete “Design and Build” company. We have developed and manufactured a full line of high speed portable equipment that has revolutionized the remanufacturing process of large diesel engines.We offer an extensive range of special machinery for industrial applications, water pumps, oil pumps, bending machines, boring machines, coiling machines and laser measuring machines. We also handle all phases of EMD crankcase remanufacturing. Check out our complete product line.
Boring Machines
The DB1000 Super Portable Boring Machine, the HB1000 Mid Grade Hydrolic Boring Machine or the SB1000 – the ultimate in portable boring machines.
Main Bearing Caps
AEI sells new and used main bearing caps for EMD 567,645, and 710 crankcases. We also will will send someone to your facility to pick up your used main bearing caps
Measuring Machines
The Basic Laser Measuring Package or the HELAS-High Efficiency Laser Alignment System. Measure and plot the position and diameter of EMD main bearing bores in 10 minutes!
Serration Machines
Save time and money while reducing outsourcing and increasing quality with the most efficient system available for cutting serrations on EMD main bearing caps and crankcases.
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