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AEI handles all phases of EMD crankcase remanufacturing is the leader in EMD crankcase remanufacturing!For tug boats, off shore & low volume production, the DB1000 Super Portable Boring Machine is a high speed approach to line boring EMD crankcases in remote places. For a mid-range cost effective portable align boring machine, the HB1000 is your answer. If you need a portable high speed production oriented machine, try the SB1000. Find detailed product information below.
DB1000 Super Portable Boring Machine
The DB1000 Super Portable Boring Machine is the smallest and most powerful align boring machine for working in tug boats and other offshore applications. Weighing less than 300 lbs, 2 men can lift and carry the machine to remote locations. The DB1000 can be operated in any orientation, upside down and sideways. With the DB1000, we take our high speed approach to Line Boring EMD Crankcases to remote places.• Small package – less than 30” x 30” x 30”
• 3 high speed roller bearings
• 700 SFPM
• 1 cast iron boring head
• Portable unit is fast & easy
• Aircraft aluminum & stainless steel
• Precision shafts hardened & chromed
• Telescoping shaft up to 180” long
• 8½” of travel» Download the DB1000 flyer
HB1000 Portable Align Boring Machine
With the HB1000, you bring the boring machine to the engine, not the engine to the boring machine. The lightweight and compact design with quick disconnects allows it to easily be moved from one place to another or even lowered into a ship where repairs are needed.• Process time goes from 50-70 man hours to less than 12
• Capable of a .080 cut at 860 SFPM
• 1 hardened and chromed shaft
• End boring/facing head
• Lightweight drive unit weighs only 30 lbs.
• One piece rigid mount drive unit
• Face and bore with the same machine
• Quick disconnects
• 10 Horsepower» Download the HB1000 flyer 

» See a video of the HB1000 Portable Align Boring Machine

SB1000 High Speed Align Boring Machine
The SB1000 High Speed Align Boring Machine is the most efficient equipment you can buy. It is a computerized portable unit that is capable of driving multiple cutting heads at over 1000 SFM during .120” cuts. The tooling package includes Teflon coated high-speed bearings and a patented telescoping shaft. The machine base adjusts for different positions and all the tools you will need are included. This unit is set up for bores 6”-15” in diameter. No cap removal is necessary and no overhead crane is required.• No cap removal
• No crane
• Less than 2 minutes per cut
• Increased efficiency
• On site training
• Eliminate station overload
• Eliminate re-manufacturing bottleneck» Download the SB1000 flyer
» See a video of the SB1000 High Speed Align Boring Machine
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