AEI is the leader in EMD crankcase remanufacturing equipment. We have developed a full line of high speed portable equipment that has revolutionized the remanufacturing process of large diesel engines.AEI will bring our equipment on site for EMD crankcase repair. Our technicians will repair your crankcase and help put your EMD engine back in service. Reduce costly downtime by calling us first!
EMD Crankcase Repair
AEI’s remanufacturing process ensures the kind of reliability you want and expect. From start to finish, AEI will:

Clean the crankcase, pan and components to bare metal
Conduct non-destructive (NDT) magnetic particle testing of welds and high stress areas
Check crankcase line bore with precision gauges and retain all measurements for future reference and quick accessibility
Check all threaded holes
Thorough inspection by experienced, trained AEI technical staff

If necessary, AEI will also:

Repair cylinder pot cracks
Repair test cock tube cracks
Correct crankcase line bore
Repair A-frame cracks
Repair structural damage
Repair main bearing serrations
Restore mounting pad surfaces
Repair hand hole window
Repair threaded holes
Restore cylinder pot surface
Resurface the exhaust deck
Remachine the end sheet
EMD Onsite Repair
AEI has what it takes to save you time and money while reducing outsourcing and increasing quality.

Advanced Engineering Industries will bring our equipment ON-SITE for EMD crank case repair
Our technicians will repair your crankcase and help put your EMD engine back in service
Line Boring, Serrations, or Power Units
Laser measuring, super portable equipment, experienced technicians
Tug boats, workboats, offshore or in your facility

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