We offer the best equipment available and provide expert training and consulting on all of the equipment we sell.Our process will allow you to complete your align boring process in a fraction of the time that it requires now, and with better accuracy! One of our customers is completing more than 200 EMD 645’s and 710’s per year with our equipment.

Once your new equipment is installed, we train your technicians how to operate the equipment. We also show the technicians how to bore a crankcase efficiently. And, all of our customers receive FREE phone and fax consultation for the life of the machine! Just fax the measuring data to us and we’ll provide you with the best solution for completing the crankcase.

Selective Boring Process
Our objective is to bring the crankcase within M.I.100 specifications by the most efficient method. The combination of these machines provides the precision, speed, and versatility to complete the task, while eliminating a potential bottleneck in production.

The High Efficiency Laser Alignment System (HELAS) measures the main bearing bores and provides the technician with the information necessary to process the crankcase. (10 minutes)
Game Plan
The technician will use this information to develop an efficient “game plan” to bring the main bearing bores within M.I.100 specifications. (20 minutes)
The technician locates the boring bar in the main bearing bores using the SB1000 tooling and information from the HELAS package. (30 minutes)
Welded bores require 3 cuts, skim cutting is completed in 1 cut. All of the cuts take less than 2 minutes, regardless of the material being removed. The cutting speed is nearly 1000 sfpm. (1 to 6 hours)
Once all of the chosen areas have been addressed, the operator will re-measure the crankcase and verify that the crankcase is within M.I.100 specifications. (10 minutes)
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