We design and build special machinery for industrial applications. Our projects have ranged from water pumps, oil pumps, bending machines, boring machines, coiling machines and laser measuring machines, to any custom machine or industrial process that is required. Our team can develop complete projects or a select portion of existing projects.Our team of talented professionals listen, evaluate all the options, and then do their best to provide you with innovative solutions in the design and development of your project. Our aim is to get it right the first time, protecting you from project delays and unexpected costs whenever possible.
High Volume Pumps
We have developed several high volume pumps including vane pumps, rotary pumps, and constant volume pumps. AEI gathered all of the criteria from its customer to produce some very special pumps for a variety of applications. Racing engines, sea pumps, motorcycles, NASCAR, even Cale Yarolborough used one of our impellers.
Independent Compression Rotary Vane Engine
This Rotary Vane concept may be utilized in the future for military vehicles. Our customer desired a versatile, multi-fuel engine that would run near stoichiometric in a variety of environments. We designed and built a prototype engine which is currently being evaluated by a government laboratory.
High Performance V-12 Racing Engine
Our customer asked for a large cubic inch V-12 racing engine for the offshore boat circuit. We worked with their engineers and mechanics to design, re-design, and/or manufacture hundreds of components on this exciting project.A custom engine block, oil pan, water pumps, oil pumps, intake manifold, gear case, bell housing, cooling system, engine stands…the list goes on and on. This engine easily produced 1000hp and over 1000 ft-lbs of torque on pump gas.
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