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The latest technological advances in laser measuring devices are here at Advanced Engineering Industries. Address the critical elements of measuring the position of a crankshaft’s main bearing bore with AEI’s Basic Laser. Need to accurately measure and plot the position and diameter of EMD main bearing bores? With our High Efficiency Laser Alignment System (HELAS) it can be done in 10 minutes! See productdetails below.
High Efficiency Laser Alignment System, HELAS Plus
Efficiently and Accurately Measure and Plot all critical data in less than 1 hour! AEI Process: The HELAS Plus is the fastest and most accurate machine available for measuring EMD Crankcases.AdvantagesThe new package will complete the following:
• Measure position and diameter of Main Bearing Bores
• Produce a Road map to complete the work efficiently
• Measure Cam Pads
• Pan Rail flatness
• End Sheet Squareness
• Distance from Main Bore to Cam Pads
• Distance from Head Seat to Main Bores
• Distance from Rear End Sheet to Thrust Surface
• Distance between Thrust Surfaces
• Serrations on Caps
• Serrations on Case
• Overall Length
• Time Tracking
• Statistical Analysis for Quality Control
• Technician TrackingDownload PDF flyer by clicking here 



HELAS – High Efficiency Laser Alignment System
The HELAS package is the fastest, most efficient method for measuring the position and diameter of EMD crankshaft main bearing bores. The unit plots the caseline and capline showing the step changes between surfaces and highlighting data in red that is out of EMD M.I.100 specifications.By utilizing this system, you will improve your quality, decrease welding, and significantly reduce line boring times during the align boring process. No experience is necessary to utilize this machine. You can measure and plot the main bearing bores in less than 10 minutes.
• Tool box/cabinet
• All fixturing
• Pentium III computer
• 20 inch monitor
• Master ring gages
• .6 mw diode laser
• On site training
• Free phone support
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Basic Laser
The BASIC LASER MEASURING PACKAGE (BASIC PACKAGE) is a laser measuring system designed specifically for measuring crankcase main bearing bore alignment on large diesel engines. The BASIC PACKAGE allows the operator to set-up, measure and document the location and trend of crankcase main bearing bore in less than 10 minutes. This system will show the operator which bores are out of alignment and where they should be relocated.
Crankcase Measuring Package
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